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Prolong Pocket Liquid Gel Spray 4.5 ml Blinlab

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To improve the experience, Blinlab has created this Retardant Desensitizing Spray, just what you need to maximize your sexual encounter. You will be able to last longer, in addition to obtaining a better intensity and hardness, the push that you needed.

Unlike the delay condom, this one you just have to spray on your penis, about 3 sprays should be enough, we recommend trying little by little the first time to know your dose, wait 5 to 10 minutes before having sex. Do not exceed more than 10 daily applications. You no longer have to think about premature ejaculation.

How to use:

1.Remove the lid

2. Press the atomizer and apply to the desired area at least 3 times.

3. Let him act for 5 minutes before having sex.

4. Wash at the end of the act.



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  • Envío GRATIS (1-3 días) (Redpack,Estafeta,Fedex o DHL)---- Arriba de $1499 MXN de compra


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  • Envío GRATIS Fedex (1-5 días)---- Arriba de $5,499 MXN de compra


  • Envío EXPRESS Fedex (1 -5 días)--- $1199 MXN


América Latina y el Caribe

  • Envío EXPRESS Fedex (2-6 días) - $549 MXN


Resto del Mundo

  • Envío EXPRESS Fedex (5-10 días) ---- $899 MXN

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