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Potassium Alum Crystal Deodorant 100 g

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Natural Potassium Alum Crystal Stone Deodorant, Paraben Free and Alcohol Free. Eliminates Odor and Does Not Stain. With 100% natural pure mineral salts of the highest quality.

Long-lasting deodorant that protects for 24 hours, allowing the body's natural sweating without clogging pores and eliminating bacteria that cause bad odor without leaving stains on the skin or clothing. Effective for excessive sweating.

Suitable for young people and athletes, recommended by the breast cancer and pediatrics association as it does not introduce chemicals into the body.

Ideal for everyday use, due to its practical size you can take it with you on a trip or to the gym. Protect yourself safely and naturally with our entire line of products. Eliminates Odor and Does Not Stain.

How to use:
After bathing with slightly damp skin, apply generously to the armpits for 20 to 30 seconds or on dry skin, moisten the stone slightly.

100 GR.

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